Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 04 - Favorite book of your favorite series

Gah! Why didn't I pick a series I'd read more recently.... also I'm fairly certain that all members of the Griffin & Sabine mythos are equally amazing, so, would I know what to say even if I was up on them? Maybe?? I am failing this book meme, ahaha.

Well, okay. I'm gonna go rogue and do my favorite book of my favorite childhood series, which I also barely remember, except the lasting fondness.

Mossflower, by Brian Jacques

You bet your sweet bippy I was into Redwall, Redwall was the best. All that mousefood. So good. I read a ton of these books and I no longer remember almost anything about them or even which ones I read or what order I read them in (probably the wrong one -- definitely the wrong one, I'm pretty sure I started with Martin the Warrior for some reason), but I do remember that Mossflower kicked ass and I loved it because come on, prison breakouts! That is about all I remember from this book! Oh and what's his name, Gonff?? YES google tells me I am right, go me. "Gonff the Mousethief." Resident comic relief and major boss.

I still wouldn't say Redwall outweighs Griffin & Sabine for me because in terms of significant reading experiences, adventure stories about rodents were pretty formative, but postmodern mixed-media epistolary mindfuck was definitely way more formative. Anyone who knows me can probably attest.

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