Saturday, December 3, 2011

prom night

Woebegone and fire-started,
a lonely boy in a tuxedo jacket
        feet tucked under the edge of the bed
(where the monsters used to live.)
Trousers dashed across the rocks
of his lighthouse closet
         where the monsters kept him company for years.
The door is open, inviting
He is always welcome back
if he needs a place to stay.
Sad little metaphor.

Turns on channel sixty and watches Sunset Boulevard
for the fifteenth time this week
starting in the middle, right before William Holden kisses the girl.
           Eighteen year old Norma watches his future self give up everything she has
for one last jaunt on the downward spiral staircase
and wonders about buying a gun.
Stupid thing to think of. Sad little life.

The phone is ringing with unanswered questions
His heart is ringing with unwashed vocabulary
bristling for a place to thrive
on the half-corrupted paper. Burnt out pen
  lies amidst the lies
  that seemed like truths only moments ago.
A letter he won’t bother sending
to the boy on the other end of the phone
who has better things to do.

Let the flower wilt
You have your whole life ahead of you
and years of practice still to come.

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