Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Sometimes you want everyone to just be quiet. This world is so full of voices, nothing but voices and words and viewpoints, and none of them will ever be exactly the same. We search and we search for someone to be our equal, the long-sought doppelganger, knowing deep in our hearts this person does not exist. Why is that want so natural, when there is no existent salve? Why are we wired to hunger for something that will never be?

Sometimes the noise swells up and becomes far too much to bear. There are so many ways to speak against you, and each one has its own particular sting. Even the voices with whom you feel kinship can become too loud, and listening is too difficult, and answering too futile. When everyone is talking, the words are meaningless, and why talk at all? When everyone is talking, the silent man is the invisible king. That's what humanity is. That's what loneliness means.

With all this talking, it is difficult to hear what anyone is saying. If everyone could just be quiet, please. Just for a moment.

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